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What would the sons of liberty do
What would the sons of liberty do

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The morning sunlight on August 14, 1765 revealed a surprisingly macabre sight to the people of Boston. Swinging from the branches of the town’s oldest and grandest elm tree was an effigy, branded with the initials A.O. Andrew Oliver was a local merchant who had, rather unwisely, volunteered to collect that new and widely hated Stamp Tax. Just how widely hated was quickly made clear, as hundreds of Yankees began to gather around the tree.

The royal governor ordered the sheriff to cut the effigy down, who refused out of fear for his own life. When he demanded to know who was responsible for the act, he learned it was the work of the Loyal Nine, a club of prosperous and well-known British merchants. They had made no attempt to hide their identity. The Loyal Nine were all descended from old Puritan stock, proudly independent and unafraid of Britain’s might. They made this much plain in their actions. By the end of the day, a mob of thousands had come to celebrate the effigy. Chanting “Liberty and Property!”, they marched through the streets and to Oliver’s new Stamp Tax collection office. Within minutes, the crowd had torn the building apart with their bare hands and struck up a bonfire with the scraps, the effigy burning to a crisp on top. The next day, Oliver asked to be excused from his new duties.

The event propelled the Loyal Nine to a household name, and hundreds applied to join. The club grew in size and spirit to become an influential pro-freedom organization that you may have heard of, the Sons of Liberty. Celebrate their beginning by picking up this free sticker along with your purchase. (Discount will be applied at checkout.)