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The smallest minority on earth
The smallest minority on earth

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In April of 1943, the first edition of a new book hit the presses, under the watchful eye of young editor Archibald Ogden. His friends at the office had probably told him that the book was a hopeless cause, seeing as how twelve other editors had rejected the manuscript before Ogden decided to take a chance on it, but he was interested anyway. The book in question was entitled The Fountainhead, written by an unknown Russian woman named Ayn Rand. Early reviews were mostly negative. But the book’s fame spread through word of mouth, selling hundreds of thousands of copies, and establishing lifetime fame and financial success for the author.

The novel tells the story of a brilliant and forward-thinking architect, consistently at odds with his colleagues’ tastes, and his struggle to stay true to his own vision. The book is considered a shrine to individualism, and has profoundly influenced the personal politics of libertarians all over the world. The ever-contrary Rand would insist she is no libertarian, but nevertheless, her work has made a substantial contribution to the cause. Celebrate it by slapping her words onto the back of your car today.