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We don't need leaders. We need liberty.
We don't need leaders. We need liberty.

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August, 2, 1921 marks the inauguration of John Calvin Coolidge Jr., 30th president of the United States. Probably best known for his characteristic untalkativeness, Coolidge is considered an unremarkable president in American history. But in his own day he was noted for his honesty, and strong principles of small government conservatism. Famous among the White House staff for sleeping at least eleven hours of the day, ‘Silent Cal’ spent his term minding his own business and keeping his hands off that of the nation’s.

He never stepped up to ‘lead the nation’, never tried to ‘steer us to greatness’. This may account for why he was so popular in his own time, whatever today’s historians may think. To this day he is a president strongly associated with laissez-faire governance, by both his critics and his admirers. He would definitely put this sticker on his car! You should too.