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Whoever wishes peace among peoples
Whoever wishes peace among peoples

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When Warren G. Harding was sworn into office in 1921, he couldn't have guessed that he would one day become one of the most unpopular presidents among history scholars. Why? It's unclear. Today marks the inauguration of 29th President Warren G. Harding in 1921. His secretary of interior did take some kickbacks in exchange for oil leases on public lands, but there is no evidence showing Harding benefited from those bribes, and credible testimony that he knew nothing about them. To consider a few other factors, federal spending had been cut nearly in half after just two years of Harding’s administration, and the unemployment rate was down to 3%. While in the Senate, he had supported women’s suffrage, and was the first president to be elected by both men and women.

Compare this to the exciting whirlwind presidency of his predecessor, Woodrow Wilson. In addition to drafting American men into a world war he’d campaigned on a promise to avoid, Wilson was behind a massive government sweep of his political enemies. In 1920, thousands of people were seized without arrest, and jailed without trial. Most were targeted by Wilson’s Attorney General for speaking out against the war, or the draft. The ‘Great Repression’, as it was called at the time, only ended with Harding’s inauguration. Today, he’s often mocked for his famous malapropism ‘return to normalcy’, but that simple phrase was the promise of blessed relief for a terrorized America.

After entering office, he pardoned and freed 25 of Wilson’s nonviolent political prisoners. Although Harding died just two years into his term, his ‘normalcy’ saved the country from a terrible Democrat-induced nightmare. Celebrate Harding’s triumph over Wilson by picking up this free sticker along with your purchase.

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